GO2 Nvidia Installation


This repository should already be available and built on GO2’s Nividia board if it has been configured by the MYBOTSHOP team.

  • Clone this repository into the GO2’s Nvidia board.

  • Run the bash install script.

  • Then build the repository via

colcon build --symlink-install
  • Once built remember to source the install/setup.bash and be sure to add the source to your workspace in the .bashrc file.

Host PC Installation

Requires installation of ROS2 Foxy on Ubuntu 20.04. This is highly recommended if you wish to view the RVIZ on your own computer without latency. All the instructions provided here are to be performed on your own computer.

First Time Setup


Make sure the command source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash has not been activated

  • Install Dependencies located in the qre_go2/src

  • Make folder called ros2_ws in home directory and clone foxy branch of qre_go2 into it.

  • Then build Cyclone in the ros2_ws via.

colcon build --packages-select cyclonedds
  • Source the work

source install/setup.bash
  • Now source ros foxy distro via

source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash
  • Next build the repository twice

colcon build --symlink-install
  • Source the built ros workspace via:

source /home/$USER/ros2_ws/install/setup.bash
  • Connect to 123 network with static ip as described in the Network section and then note down the network interface name.

  • Edit and source go2_bringup/config/setup.bash with the corrected network interface e.g. enp92s0

  • Then source the special configuration for the GO2

source /home/$USER/ros2_ws/src/go2_bringup/setup.bash
  • Now if you are connected via LAN to the GO2 and you do ros2 topic list, the topics should be visible from the go2.

After First Time Setup

  • Once the first time setup is performed, then next time simply

source /opt/ros/foxy/setup.bash
source / home /$USER/ros2_ws/src/go2_bringup/setup.bash
  • You can now communicate with ros2 features in the go2. To test it out, launch

ros2 launch go2_viz view_robot.launch.py