BZ1 Bringup


This is a ros package that launches the BZ1 Base driver.

roslaunch bz1_bringup bringup.launch

BZ1 Description

This is a ros package that contains the 3D models of the BZ1. Additionally, the seperate 3D models are stitched together into a single entity via the universal robot description format (URDF). Additions to the robot’s 3D model can be made in the xacro/robot.urdf.xacro. To view the robot with simulated dummy drivers. You can run:

The description is automatically launched with the BZ1 Gripper Moveit Config driver to show the perceived position of the legs with the robot.

roslaunch bz1_description description.launch

BZ1 Gripper Moveit

This ros package contains the moveit setup configured for the B1, Z1 enabling collision avoidance with the base.

roslaunch bz1_gripper_moveit_config real_bz1_moveit.launch

BZ1 Viz

This ros package is used for visualization of the robots current state both in simulation and in the real-hardware.

roslaunch bz1_viz view_robot.launch