B1 Manuals



The following text are hyperlinks to demonstratory videos. Click on them to get redirected to the websites.


It is highly recommended to view the quick start manual and user manual before using the robot to ensure safe and correct operation.

B1 Apps

In the app, you would have to go to the settings option -> Dogs -> and select B1.

B1 Network

For network setup please connect the ethernet cable that is provided with the B1 from the B1 to your computer. After that set-up a static connection as explained below.


The B1 has the following networks as of 21-Mar-2024 and may vary in future versions, the following table shows the networks

B1 network devices


Network Address




Network via Hot-spot

Once the apps are installed users can connect to the native hot-spot of B1 or through the Ethernet port to access its on-board computers. B1 has the network address range of 192.168.12.*. The SSID of the Wifi network of B1’s hot-spot begins with UnitreeRoboticsB1-###, where the hash tags represent the B1’s model number and the default password is 00000000 or 8 zeros.


It is recommended to connect to the B1’s 5G network for better connectivity.

Once connected to the WiFi network, one can access B1’s app, web-control, and PCs.

ssh -X unitree@

The password is 123

B1 Basic Operations

The basic operations for the B1 are provided in the User manual.

Good to know commands:

  • Walking: START

  • Prone position: L2+A (Press double times to go onto standing position)


Some features are bound to the version of the B1.

Once connected to the WiFi of the B1. You can access the B1 website by entering the following in the web addess bar The B1’s Firmware version, motor temperature, vision, and control can all be accessed in here.

B1 Leg Calibration