Frequently Asked Questions

Wireless Access B1

The B1 can be wirelessly accessed by its onboard hotspot. It usually has the name UnitreeRoboticsB1-## followed by the model number. The default password is 00000000.

  • The main controller ip:

ssh -X unitree@
  • The Nvidia controller ip:

ssh -X unitree@


The password for both are 123.

The Unitree App can be used to view the robot as well.

  • For recording and visualing its data, it is recommended to use record a rosbag transfer it back to your computer and play it:

  • Record rosbag:

rosbag record -a
  • Play rosbag:

rosbag play -l <file_name.bag>

Display not visible B1

There are two pcs on the robot. The front side of the robot has some ports they are for Rasberry Pi. Here you can connect the HDMI cable and than restart the robot because if the robot is turned on and than you connect an HDMI adapter then it will not show anything. So you have to restart after connecting the HDMI. For Nvidia the same procedure applies.


The Nvidia’s moAlstherboard goes to sleep, so if you connect an external mouse or keyboard you can directly wake it up.