Quadruped Robotics Europe is a young, but fast growing startup in the field of legged robotics. In this documentation, the software overview of Z1 robot is shown. The software is currently under development. At the moment simples ros drivers are available for the robot along with simulation are available in Gazebo.


To quickly test the real Z1 capabilities, one may interact with it using the keyboard. However, first the network must be set up as in Z1 Networking and secondly the software drivers must be installed.

For Z1 gripper and arm run the following command:

roslaunch z1_gripper_moveit_config real_z1_moveit.launch

For Z1 arm only:

roslaunch z1_moveit_config real_z1_moveit.launch


For network setup please connect the ethernet cable that is provided with the Z1 from the Z1 to your computer. After that set-up a static connection as explained below.


  • To create a static connection in your own PC, in Ubuntu go to SettingsNetwork then click on + icon and create a new connection.

    1. The first task is to go to IPv4 and change the connection to Manual.

    2. The second task is to put the Address IP as and the Netmask as 24.

  • Click save and restart your network. Next is to connect the LAN cable to the robot.

  • After a successful connection, the host’s local IP can be checked by:


This should show the host IP which was assigned in the above step. Now its time to check if we can ping the robot or not, to do so type in your host pc


After a successful ping, you can access the robot.


The Z1 has the following networks as of 20-Mar-2024 and may vary in future versions, the following table shows the networks

Z1 network devices


Network Address




For connection please follow the instructions provided with the manual of the Z1.


There are two ethernet ports on the Z1. One is the main port and one is the auxiliary port. If you connect to incorrect ethernet port, connection of the Z1 would be unstable.